What is the essential purpose of having an NFT stock photo marketplace?

2 min readMay 30, 2021


NFT stock photo marketplace — https://photocentra.com

The current situation in the stock photography market is far from perfect. The process to sale of photos is over-complicated. All photo art makers have suffered the most in this situation. They have only 15–40%. The rest is taken by the platforms. The average price of a stock photo is only $3. A photographer, recently registered on any stock marketplace, will get approximately $0.45 from a sale. This is infinitely small considering the huge price a photographer has to pay for gears and his or her hard work to create quality images.

NFT technology will change everything

A Non-Fungible Token is a record in the blockchain. This is a proof of your rights to the image. So, if you have been purchased a stock photo in the form of NFT — you can easily to prove your rights on it forever. This is because the information about your rights recorded in the blockchain can not be deleted at all.

Can you imagine…

if you can sell photos for $1.5 and get the whole amount at once without any commissions? Actually, this is 3 times more than you get now from popular stock marketplaces. Also this is almost 2 times more profitable for buyers too. A buyer pays a small commission (4.9%) which goes to buyback tokens to create a value for holders. A photographer will get the payment immediately to his wallet, bypassing all intermediaries such as payment systems.

Besides stock photos, you can also sell your artistic photos as NFT at any price you want.

Photographers reward program token distribution is now open. You can upload your art works/ photos to participate in this program.

How the Photographers Reward program works:

On Photocentra you will be granted with $PHOTO tokens for adding your photo-art work to the marketplace. It means that in addition to selling your photos at full price, you will receive tokens for uploading them (If you wish) to the Marketplace. You will be able to sell this tokens later on the open market.

Tokens sale is open with the following parameters (date may vary):

50% liquidity locked for 6 months. All other tokens also locked for 6 months and then vested for 2 years in slow growing parts.


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NFT stock photo marketplace — https://photocentra.com