Introducing — decentralized NFT photo marketplace and community
4 min readMay 7, 2021

Introducing, a Berlin-based NFT photo marketplace and photo community dedicated to providing authors with extensive exposure and the opportunity to monetize their photographic works through the innovative use of NFTs, the latest blockchain technology.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, serve as unique representations of ownership for various items, allowing the tokenization of art, photos, collectibles, and even real estate. Each NFT can have only one official owner at a time, and their integrity is safeguarded by blockchain technology, preventing any alterations to the ownership record or the creation of duplicate NFTs.

In today’s digital content landscape, NFTs have found significant application. This is particularly relevant in an industry where content creators often see their profits eroded by platform fees. When artists showcase their work on social networks, these platforms benefit from selling advertisements to the artists’ followers, leaving creators with exposure but limited financial compensation.

NFTs are transforming this dynamic by empowering a new creator economy. In this model, creators retain ownership of their content rather than relinquishing it to the platforms for publicity. Ownership becomes an inherent aspect of the content itself. When creators sell their content, the funds go directly to them, offering a more equitable and direct compensation system. Explore this paradigm shift with as we redefine the landscape for digital content creators.

Photocentra marketplace

Welcome to the revolutionary Photocentra Marketplace! We’ve pioneered a unique stock photo platform that empowers photographers to sell their creations and receive the full value of their work, in stark contrast to the meager returns often seen on other stock marketplaces.

When you contribute your work to the NFT Marketplace, you’re not just showcasing your talent; you’re also asserting your rights to the content. This critical information is securely stored in the blockchain, ensuring its integrity and preventing any manipulation.

Photocentra takes pride in its commitment to photographers by charging absolutely ZERO FEES. You, as the photographer, always receive the entire photo price directly into your wallet. As an extra incentive, photographers are rewarded with PHOTO tokens for minting their work.

For buyers, there’s a modest 4.9% fee, which is allocated to buying back PHOTO tokens, thereby creating value for token holders.

Additionally, your contributions to the marketplace come with rewards in the form of PHOTO tokens, as outlined in the following chart. Join Photocentra and experience a fair and rewarding marketplace for photographers and buyers alike.

Upload photos to the marketplace and get PHOTO tokens

Photocentra community

The photo community is separate from the marketplace and has restrictions on uploading photos and three types of paid accounts: Plus, Premium and Pro. Accounts for a small fee extend the functionality of the community and help us keep it free for most users.

Photos added to the community gallery can also be offered for sale via NFT tokens.

The marketplace is for stock photos, and the community is for any art photos also available for sale.

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PHOTO token

The PHOTO token is the currency of the Photocentra platform. Only 50,000,000 PHOTO tokens will be created.

Tokens are distributed as incentives to photographers who add work, to liquidity providers and to encourage community marketing activity. They are also will be used to buy and sell photos.

PHOTO token address

Important: Make sure you use the correct PHOTO token address. Anyone can create ERC-20 tokens, including fake tokens that look like existing ones.

Unicrypt ILO

The ILO will take place on Unicrypt, where 5,000,000 tokens will be offered for pre-sale. 60% of the liquidity received will be locked in the Uniswap liquidity pool for 12 months.

ALL other tokens other than the presale and tokens needed for the liquidity pool will be locked through Team Locker for 6 months and then vested quarterly for 2 years in slow growing shares for airdrop photographers, liquidity providers and marketing activity.

Airdrop of PHOTO tokens

Photographers will receive tokens according to the number of uploaded and approved works in the marketplace.

Airdrop details will be posted later.

Marketing activity for PHOTO tokens

You can get PHOTO tokens for any marketing activity that promotes Photocentra in social networks. Tweets, posts, articles, reviews — all can be rewarded with tokens. To make an offer, please fill out this form.

Helpful information and contacts

PHOTO token address


Address of liquidity pool (soon)

Chart of PHOTO token (soon)